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Thinking of future plans.

2017-05-19 20:57:14 by Golden-Bear

Well , there's alot I wanna do. I wanna make a video game called Dead Street , form a band to make non-pixel songs with lyrics , and still keep myself good in school. I never seem to get around to things I wanna get done. Mostly , it's cause I don't really trust people with projects or , I have some kind of limitation on me. But I'm gettin over that. So , if I'm not really active that's why. And , hey! If your intrested on helping me on either three , lemme know. Peace. 

- Cha boi ,



Search me up on YT. Youtube Name ---> 8AD 7IME

Honestly. I'm really using this has an oppurtunity to escape having to make pixel art everytime I make music. So if you've got a picture , that'll be greatly appreciated.

Just make sure it follows these guidelines:

- No cock , balls , tits or pussy plz

- Has to relate to title of the song atleast a little bit